Hello world!

Bloomfield You Lite Up My Life

My Fur-Baby

I am….I am a mixture of things, so much so that it is often hard for me to share who I am.

I am a psychiatrist but that is what I do, not who I am. I love what I do, most of the time (reports are still the bane of my existence), and I feel honoured that I am able to serve those who serve our country – the men and women of the Canadian Forces. I love to teach and I love to learn and working with others gives me that opportunity. Next year it will be 30 years since I graduated from medical school and I’m not always certain how that can be; I still feel like a young doc who has much to learn but maybe that is a good thing.

I am a Christian. Although I grew up in a Jewish home I became a Christian at the age of 25. This has been the most important decision in my life as it has led to profound changes in who I am as a person. I am not the same person as I was a 25 and as a psychiatrist I can’t tell you how that happened all I know is it did. I believe that God has worked in my life to bring about those changes which has resulted in a wiser, more loving and more compassionate woman. I am still very much a diamond in the rough with facets of who I was but God continues to polish me; I am grateful for how committed he is to me, how great His love is, that He continues to work even though I stumble so often.

I am a wife to Ron. He has been the love of my life for over 21 years now. Sometimes we squabble, more often we don’t; we have been through good times and we have been through hard times; but each joy, each sorrow draws us closer. Ron is also a Christian and I am sure that our commitment to Him and our commitment to each other is why we are still together; it is what binds us.

I am also a mother; a step-mother really. My girls lost their mom when they were 5 and 8. She is still very much a part of their lives and I know they love her and miss her. As a woman who loves her husband, as a woman who loves her girls, I wish she hadn’t died. I know that had she lived I would not have these blessings in my life but as a wife and mother who loves I wish she hadn’t because the sorrow it has led to in their lives leads to sorrow in me. I am honoured to be entrusted with her girls and to love them in with the depth of love that mirrors their mom but will never be adequate enough and can never replace her. My girls are grown now and have children of their own but they are still two of the most precious things that God has ever brought into my life.

I am a grandmother. My oldest has 3 girls; my youngest a boy and girl. I’m not sure what type of grandmother I am because I don’t so the grandmotherly things with them that so many grandmothers do. With working out-of-town 3 days a week I am often to tired on weekends to do much of anything and I think that some of the richness that life holds is lost because of that. But I love them deeply and I am committed to them. I hope that is something they will be certain about always.

I am a mother-in-law with 2 son-in-laws who have the same name. It can be confusing at times to know who you want when everyone is together but somehow we muddle through this. Both of my son-in-laws are awesome young men who are dedicated to their wives and their children; I am blest to have them in my life. I love them both and I am pretty sure that I don’t act like the stereotypical mother-in-law depicted in the movies and jokes; in no way would I ever want to undermine who they are as men, as husbands, as fathers.

I am the mother of a fur-baby. Mandi is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her name means “a dog to light up your life”; her breeder named her “Bloomfield You Lite Up My Life”. She has brought much joy in to my life and my husband’s life. Before I travelled out-of-town to work I did a lot of training with her – obedience, rally and agility until her back dictated otherwise. Hopefully one day we will all live together full-time in one place and I will be able to do so again.

A friend; a FB friend. Over the past few years I have become friends with some awesome women (and a few men) on FB. I have laughed with them, worried with them, cried with them and honoured to be a part of their lives however a small a part it is. In return I have learned compassion, courage, strength, patience, how to wait with grace and how to grieve. I have been deeply touched by them and incredibly grateful for their being in my life. I am a richer woman because of it.

And, I am a woman. There are many things I like to do; probably too many as it is easy for me to become bogged so that nothing is finished. I live to cook, sew, knit, crochet, photography, music, cake decorating, crafts. It is easy to become good at many and excellent at none but it is hard to just confine myself to one. I feel deeply but show little; I care deeply but don’t express it enough; I don’t but then again I do. I am a mixture, a work in process. I’m not certain where this blog will go, if anywhere. I have wanted to start one for a while and haven’t done so because I have no idea what to do with it. But, I started one anyway. This will be an adventure in self-exploration and learning; it will be interesting to see what path it will take.

About SkyShrink

At 60 I am a mixture. A mixture of what I do and who I am. I have learned from many and will continue to do so. Now I must also learn from myself and maybe in the process others will learn from me as well. To blog is both a privilege and a responsibility; to be followed is an honour.
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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Marg Crozier says:

    It was great to be a little part of your life 20+ years ago and to see how God has been faithful to you over the years and to see where you are at now in your life. Many blessings to you and Ron.


    • SkyShrink says:

      Thanks Marg! It was a blessing for Ron & I when you were a part of our lives and helped shape who we are now. It has been a pleasure to “catch up” on what you and John are up to now via FB. Many blessings to the both of you as well.


    • Hello Dr. SkyShrink
      I started up a particular Google account for a completely unrelated reason and noticed that you had ‘liked’ a blog on Old Buffalo Institute – the site set up to honour my father’s legacy in helping people. In the mean time I have chosen (with a bit (a lot) of persuasion) to walk beside my father’s footsteps and do my part in bringing something good to this world of ours … the one we are borrowing from our children … and their children and all the future generations.
      In addition I was drawn to your picture of Mandi (we have three fur babies – one of whom is carried every night down to bed and introduced with, “Look at what I found … it’s a baby!”

      I’m not sure if Mandi is interested but the two smaller diggities that allow us to share their spacious den and have given us honourary four-legger status, wrote a book this summer.
      the link to Amazon is: https://www.amazon.ca/ConeDogs-Tips-Care-Well-Being-ebook/dp/B01KIPC5K4/
      … or if you prefer and you email me I can send you an e-copy that you can read to Mandi at your leisure. The 2 diggities are including their new full time boarder in the writing process of their second book and are looking for brave volunteers to be included in the book. If Mandi would like to be included we would certainly honour her wishes.

      In the meantime thanks for your ‘like’ on oldbuffaloinstitute.com


      Arno Lukas


      • SkyShrink says:

        Thank-you for your post.

        I knew you were following in your father’s footsteps from Gaye Hanson. I have been working with Gaye for a number of years now and have attended her workshop on Power Animals and Spirit Guides: Fundamentals in Shamanism along with her workshop Soul Loss and Retrieval: Advanced Practice in Shamanism. I am looking forward to eventually being able to attend the workshop on Energy Management and Extraction. My work with Gaye has been instrumental in my becoming the woman and practitioner I am today.

        I am blessed to be following in the legacy of your father’s footsteps. I will let you know that much as my power animal has brought strength and stability into my life there have been many times when I have not only called upon Gaye’s bear for help, I have also called on your father’s buffalo. To do so has been a source of strength and comfort to me.

        I love that you were drawn to my picture of Mandi. She is a very special little gal. Mandi is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is 10½ years old. She also have very advanced heart disease and no-one, myself included, understands how she is still alive today. I nearly had to have her euthanized a little over 2 years ago now. She is on 5 medications a day for her heart alone.

        I have had many conversations with my Mandi girl since she first became ill telling her that if it is her time to go it is okay to do so. I worried for a long time she was only staying alive for me. Mandi was with me when I left my husband of 23 years and I worried that she was afraid to go because of how I would do. Now I thinks she lives not only because of her joy for life but because she believes she has a job to do. I work as a psychiatrist treating patients with trauma. Mandi comes to the office every day with me. I think she thinks we come so she can visit with the people who see me. What I know is that often if they are distressed Mandi will move in alongside them to ground them back in the present and to comfort them.

        Mandi’s breeder has told me that I will know when it is time for me to let her go. I worried for a long time that I wouldn’t know and I would selfishly hold on to her longer than I should. Kim has told me I will see it in her eyes. What I know is that today her eyes are bright and full of life.

        I would love to read the book that your 2 diggities wrote. If you would email me a copy that would be awesome. You can send it to drskyshrink@mymts.net. I will eventually also order a copy of the book for I like also having a hard copy I can hold in my hand as well.

        I look forward to reading to Mandi the e-copy of their book. I am sure that she would love to be included in their next book but, as always, we will have a conversation about it. Mandi has a joy for life and loves sharing it with other.

        Thanks again for writing to me. I look forward to reading your 2 diggities book. And, thank-your for following in your father’s footsteps and for the work you are now doing. I trust that we will be able to meet in person one day. 🙂



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